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Find Flatmates - FAQ Find Flatmates - FAQ  
1. How does the Find Flatmates works?
# Click on the SIGNUP tab.
# Complete the SIGNUP wizard.
# Activate your account by clicking the activation code sent to your email.
# Log into the system using the login and username.
# Browse through the preferred advertisements.
# If you found a match, click CONTACT to send a message. Your email or phone number will not be revealed during this unless you chose to.
# You will be notified through email if there is any other user who responds or sends you a message. # On the other hand, if you would like to post an advertisement, click on MY MENU to post a listing.
# You can optionally put an image of your house or yourself in the advertisement and the system will eventually resize or crop the image before uploading.
# You can at any time modify, delete or hide your listing.
# Once you feel comfortable exchanging your contact details with one or other users, you can then contact them directly.

2. What are the benefits of using this service?
# The service is FREE to advertise, browse, search, send messages. TO read messages received, you will have to become a gold member, which has a fee associated with it.
# Immediate results where you’re able to browse a list of accommodation and potential roommates within minutes anywhere in Australia.
# Your contact details eg. phone and email are kept private until you choose to reveal them.
# Avoid direct phone calls or emails as Find Flatmates allows you to screen contacts.
# You have the flexibility options of creating, modifying, hiding or deleting your listings whenever you want.
# You do not need to reveal your personal information until you are comfortable to do so.
# You can go through detailed information about the member or listings eg. photos and pictures of the listings.
# Avoid wading through annoying advertisements and calling up the person.

3. How much does the service costs?
Membership is free.

4. How do I submit my listings?
To submit an advertisement, log into the system using your login and password that you’ve created when you signed up. Once you are logged in, click on POST A LISTING to create an advertisement.

5. I have made a mistake in my advertisement. How do I go about in fixing this?
Once you have logged in, click on EDIT YOUR LISTING to make a change. Please note that whenever you have changed your listing or account details, the administrator will have to approve it before the advertisement is made visible to everyone.

6. Is my personal information kept private and confidential?
We will NOT reveal any personal information including name, phone number or email addresses to other users unless you choose the selection to be contacted by any of the available method. You may divulge this information once you feel comfortable with your contacts. Additionally, we will never disclose your personal information to outside parties. We mainly collect such information to keep our site safe and to prevent abuse of our site.

7. What do I do if I have forgotten my login and/or password?
Simply go to FORGET PASSWORD and we will eventually send you your login and new password via email. Once you are able to log in, you can change your password to your preference.

8. What image format does the system accept?
Images are preferred to be in 1:1 ratio. eg: 100x100 pixels, 250x250 pixels, or 330x330 pixels and so forth. We accept JPG or GIF formats and the images should ideally be less than 50k in size.

9. How long will my profile and/or listings be visible?
Your profile and advertisement will remain active for about six months. This is subject to changes and depending on your level of activity. When you’ve found your accommodation, roommate and/ or no longer in need of our services, be sure to deactivate ie. to delete or to hide any advertisements.

10. I have a problem or found some problem(s) with the site. Who should I notify?
Software bugs are inevitable. If you encounter anything unusual or if you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know. We are working hard to make this site a great resource and a convenience for everyone.

11. How long does it take for a profile to be approved?
We take 1-2 weeks to approve free profiles, though this may vary.

12. I have found a place, how do I remove my self from the system?
Login with your login and password and choose delete listing. Once your listing is deleted the system will not contact you any further.

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